Art tempered by Dreams.

Flip Solomon is a multidimensional artist based in Austin, TX.  She creates large-scale pen & ink drawings and works from her very vivid dreams.

“Having Narcolepsy means that I have excessive and incessant REM cycles throughout a 24 hour period, both during sleep and awake time.  It makes my dreaming very vivid and it feels like I have a 2nd life in dreams.  When I started meditating, the first thing I noticed was that it cleared all the clutter out of my dreams.  All of a sudden I was getting very clear messages from the dream-world and I started putting these themes of higher consciousness into my artwork.  The dreams were of a much higher vibrational frequency than my everyday thoughts in waking life.

“When I’m awake, I’m pulling these concepts together into compositions for my artwork.  I try to imbue each piece with beneficial symbols and themes of abundance, oneness, balance, infiniteness  and unity…  Working large-scale helps with my wakefulness and drawing is the one thing I can do while experiencing my waking REM episodes.”


Currently on Exhibit.

"The Motherland" series  

Radio Coffee and Bar  

4202 Manchaca Austin, TX    

February and March 2017

Selected Works and Print Show

Bird's Barbershop

1107 E. 6th  Austin, TX  

February 2017

Selected Works for The People's Gallery

City Hall Austin, TX      

February 2017-January 2018





Loppy Ears, Golden Apple Tattoo Gallery    Austin, TX    2009

 The Fragile Five, BookPeople    Austin, TX    2010

 The Council of Women,  BookPeople    Austin, TX   2013

Kissing Cousins, Circa 13     Austin, TX   2014

Kissing Cousins, The Noble Swede Gallery    La Grange, TX   2015

Kissing Cousins, Urban Betty Gallery    Austin, TX   2015

Kissing Cousins, Rio Rita    Austin, TX   2015

 The New DNA, Bouldin Cafe    Austin, TX   2015

The New DNA, Epoch    Austin, TX   2016

The New DNA, Radio Cafe and Bar    Austin, TX   2016

The New DNA, Austin Bergstrom Airport    Austin, TX   2016

 The New DNA, M2 Gallery    Little Rock, AR   2016


Loppy Ears with Amarin Enyart, Quack’s Bakery    Austin, TX   2008

12 X 12 Box Show  709 Gallery    Austin, TX 2009

Loppy Ears with Jon Windham’s Schism, BookPeople    Austin, TX   2009

Be Mine:  A Valentine’s Show, Epoch Cafe    Austin, TX   2010

Dead Frying Pan Show, Bouldin Creek Coffeehouse    Austin, TX   2010

Mexicarte Box Show, Mexicarte Gallery    Austin, TX   2011

Los Dientes, Bouldin Creek Cafe    Austin, TX   2011

Swallow for Women, Club Deville    Austin, TX   2012

Restore the Shore, Crooked Floor Gallery    Austin, TX   2013

Witchcraft, Magic, Prayer & Meditation, Crooked Floor Gallery   Austin, TX   2013